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Who’s the Boss?

Two little dogs on the trailThey bark at me every time I pass their yard.

Which is every day – because their yard is right by my trails.

I guess they’re trying to tell me who’s boss.

Okay fine.

I didn’t want to come in your yard anyway.

You can be the boss of your yard.




But today something different happened.

I found them on my trails.

My trails, mind you.

And they still tried to tell they were the boss.

But I gave them a little different perspective.

It’s kind of hard to tell somebody you’re the boss when they’re towering over you.

Bongo meeting Woogie and Lolo

Okay guys, I guess I’ll let you come on my trails.

Just remember who the boss is.


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Distant Neighbors

Dogs in the distance leaving the trailThere they go again.

It’s them!

My neighbors that I don’t even know.

You’d think I wasn’t very neighborly or something, but it’s not true.

I’d be all over those neighbors if my person would let me.

My person and their person. Neither of them are cooperative.


Huskies walking down the street

Oh, how I long to sniff those butts.

Come on, person. They’re not that far ahead of us. We could walk faster and catch up easily.

What do you mean, we’re not going to walk faster? We’re just going to hang back?

What kind of a neighborly neighbor are you?

Come on. Let’s go!

We would not get into a tousle!

You know I’m the perfect dog. I’m sure they’re perfect too.

Three huskies down the street. One of them sniffing something

Look, that one dog is stopping to take a sniff.

I bet he would rather be sniffing me.

I bet he’s waiting for me to catch up.

What do you mean, we already finished our trail walk?

What about my streets? We hardly ever get to walk on my streets.

I sure wish I didn’t have to keep such a close watch on you person.

If I thought I could trust you I’d let you off the leash and go after those dogs myself.

But you might wander in front of a car and get hit.

Guess I’ll have to wait to sniff meet those dogs.

Oh, the things a dog has to go through for his people.


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Cactus Blockade

Bongo is out the doorThis is bad. This is really bad. I was heading across the street to say hi to my neighbors. I like to visit them because they give me loves.

But something was in the way. I was blocked.





Cactus Garden

My neighbors had put a cactus blockade between my street and their yard.

What does this mean? I know I could squeeze by those cacti and get through – but how long is it going to be before those cacti grow big and cover the whole area?

Are my neighbors trying to keep me out? That makes me really sad. I thought they liked me.

What to do? What to do?

Wait a minute. I think I see something down there.

An end to the garden

Is there an opening at the end of this cactus blockade? Maybe they wanted to give me a way in after all.

An opening at the end of the garden

I knew my neighbors still loved me. They could have put that cactus blockade all across their yard, but they didn’t. They knew if they did that I might not be able to visit and give them loves. What nice neighbors I have.

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