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The Worst Mischief Ever!

Bongo with a sad lookMy person has come up with the worst mischief ever!

And it all has to do with that B word.

You know, the one that’s spelled B-U-S-Y.

You see, my person has helped me post my blog almost every day for a long time now.

But she says she needs a break.

So she’s only going to help me post when I have a really good adventure.

I don’t get it. Don’t I have really good adventures every day?

But the worst thing is that I’ll miss all the visits and comments from all the good friends I’ve made.

I’m gonna miss you guys (and girls).

But my person said maybe – just maybe, she might help me post more often to my Facebook page.

So if you haven’t already checked it out, hop on over to and see what’s there. Maybe even “Like” my page.

That would be awesome.


But my person did say I could still post all my really good adventures.

And I sure had one today.

Awhile ago this cute girl dog passed me on the trails and came running over to play with me.

Well today, this same cute girl dog left her people and went out of her way to find me and play with me.

Bongo and his new friend

Bongo playing with his new friend

Woo woo! I think she’s gonna kiss me!

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Camera Computer

Bongo sitting in front of a futonMy person got me a great big computer to write my blog on.

I guess I’d better take back all the complaining I’ve been doing about her lately.

Like about that camera she got. The one that she takes out for walks and leaves me home alone.

But at least she got me a computer.

So now she can take her new camera for walks.

I’ll stay at home and write about all my adventures.

Wait a minute.

How can I have any new adventures if I’m staying at home all the time?

I mean, sometimes things happen at home, but they usually happen somewhere else.

This is bad. This is really bad.

Hey person, you’ve got to leave your camera at home and take me instead.

What good is my new computer if I’ve got no adventures to write about?


What do you mean, it’s not my computer?

It’s in my house, isn’t it?

And I’m the one with the blog, aren’t I?

You got the computer for your new camera?

I don’t believe it!

You take the camera on walks instead of me, and now you got the camera its own computer.

What kind of a camera is this anyway? It doesn’t even have its own blog.

What would it need a computer for?

I’m going to have to do something about this.

Maybe I can go incognito and hide out in the computer.

Then when that camera comes to use it…

A picture of Bongo wearing sunglasses on a computer desktop

I’ll be ready to give the camera what for, and it won’t suspect a thing.


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