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Bongo and an arrow made of pebblesWould you look at this?

Somebody put an arrow on my trails so everybody knows which way to go.

It’s a good thing too, because someone might go the wrong way through the parking lot and end up out on the street.

Then who knows what would happen.

Cars don’t go very fast on my street so they wouldn’t be bothered and they’d just keep wandering.

They might get lost.

They could end up all the way down by the highway.

And cars go fast there.

Yup. It’s a good thing somebody put this arrow here.



Bongo looking away from the arrow

Are you coming person?

It’s this way.


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Trail Arrow

Bongo checking out a pointing rockHmmm. This is the place that my person has decided is our turnaround point.

We usually go out this far on my trails and then we head back when we get here.

Most of the time I want to keep going, but my person won’t let me.

She always has an excuse.

She’s too busy, or it’s too cold, or whatever else she can come up with.

She pulls that busy one most of the time though.

But there’s something different here today.

I’ve never seen this here before.


There’s an arrow here pointing further out on my trails.

That’s got to mean something.

Today’s the day we keep on trekking.

I’m following the arrow!

Bongo walking off in the direction the rock is pointing

Hey person, come on. This way!

What do you mean, what am I doing?

I’m following directions.

I’ve watched you driving before.

When there’s a sign pointing a certain way you follow it.

Well, there’s a sign pointing this way on my trails.

We have to follow it.


Person, I don’t believe it!

You’re going to ignore this sign and make me go back?

You know, you’re taking your chances.

I sure hope the trail police don’t find you and give you a ticket for failure to follow directions.

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