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Best Friends

Bongo in a red bandannaLast week my people left me in the dog hotel and went travelling without me.

I’m still pretty upset that they didn’t take me with them, but at least they brought me this bandanna – and some treats too.

They visited a really cool place, and it was only by chance that they stopped by.

But I think it was the best place they went to.

Here’s how they ended up there.

They were driving into Kanab, Utah and the whole road was closed for construction.

They didn’t even have one lane open so cars could eventually get through – nope, they closed that road down.

But right near where my people had to stop was the entrance to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, so they went there.

And they said it was the coolest place.

I know it’s got to be since they bought me this bandanna and some treats there.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a no kill shelter and it’s nothing like the dog jail my people found me in.

The animals have lots of room to run and play and they get lots of good care and loves too.

All kinds of animals live there. Everything from horses, birds, rabbits, cats and dogs and…

Pot bellied pig

Pigs. This is Rupert.

My person also got to meet Yoyo.

Brown pit bull

Yoyo doesn’t look very friendly in this picture, but my person said when she held out her hand to Yoyo, she came over and kissed it and turned out to be one of the most loving dogs she’d met.

Hey, wait a minute. What about me?


That place must be really cool though because even the wild animals hang out there.

Two wild turkeys

I bet it would be fun to chase those turkeys.

But even though that place looks great, and hardly like a dog jail at all, I wouldn’t want anybody thinking I belonged there.

So I put on this sticker that my person got when she was there.

Bongo with a sticker that says "I am visiting."


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