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New Adventure – New Friend

Pablo and BongoMy person let me get into the car with her today. The little car, not the big one. She usually takes me to the vet in the little car. Maybe I’m going to get more loves and treats.

Hmmm. We don’t usually go this far in the car when we go to the vet’s. I wonder where we’re going.

Finally, we’re stopping. Hey, there’s a little dog here. I recognize this dog. I’ve smelled him on you before person. He’s getting in the car with us too?

Bongo looking at Pablo in the front seat

Hey, how come Pablo gets to ride in front?

We rode for a little while – with me in the back and Pablo in the front – and then all of us got out of the car. It’s a trail!

Bongo and Pablo on the trail

I’ll give you a head start Pablo.

Bongo tangled around a post

Hey Pablo, wait for me!

Bongo and Bell Rock

Hey person, hurry up. What is that thing up there?

It’s a rock? Bell Rock? It looks like a giant UFO.

Really? Some people think a real UFO is going to come out of that rock? I wonder if any aliens look like dogs.

Bongo Leading the Way

Hey person, the trail goes this way.

Bongo and Pablo not looking at the scenery

What are you looking at?

View from the Trail

View from the Trail

Edge of Cathedral Rock

Bell Rock

View from the Trail

Edges of Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock

Pablo and Bongo on the Trail

Hey Pablo, I think our people have been looking at these rocks long enough. Let’s take them back to the car now.


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