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Bible Study Buddy

Bongo and a friend in church officeWhat do you mean, this might be the last time I get to hang out with my Bible study buddy for awhile?

You know how much I like going to church. Why wouldn’t I get to go?

How am I going to keep up with my Bible stories if I don’t get to go to Bible study?

You know I’m the perfect dog when I’m there.





I don’t do anything like…

Bongo going after something in his friend's pocket

trying to steal chocolates out of my friend’s pocket.

And you know I would never…

Bongo on his back in front of a friend

try to be the center of attention.

No, all I do is lie there quietly and listen to what’s going on.

How come you didn’t get any pictures of me doing that?

You had plenty of opportunity.

So why don’t I get to go again?

What? Thunder season is almost over?

It is?

Yippee! Woo woo!

Wait a minute. You mean I got special privileges just because of the thunder?

Umm. Maybe you could tell the thunder to stick around longer.

Or then again – maybe not.

Now I’m all confused.

Can I just have special privileges without the thunder?

Bongo and a friend smiling

You know all my Bible study buddies are waiting to see me again.


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