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Where They Went Without Me

Bongo on the trail wearing his bandannaI’ve been so occupied with the cats that were hanging out here that I never told you where my people went while I was stuck at the dog hotel last week.

Well, I did tell you about the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. That’s the only important place they went anyway.

But my person threatened to take away my blog if I didn’t share with you where they went.

Do you believe it!?

First I’m forced to put up with all these cats and then I get threatened that my blog will be taken away.

I guess I’d better tell you. If I lost my blog I’d have no way to share all my adventures.

But since I wasn’t there I’m just going to show you some of the pictures.

If you’re wondering where they went, some of these pictures are from Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah, and some are from Navajo Bridge near Lee’s Ferry and Antelope Canyon in Northern Arizona.

Watch out for the animals.

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I sure hope I’m back to my own adventures tomorrow.


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