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No Wash

Bongo heading to the washDo you see anything? Besides me, that is.

Neither do I.

But my person says there’s something there.

That picture is me, heading down the trail to my wash. My person wouldn’t let me go there. She made me go on my regular trails today.

Why? She made up some lame excuse about something you can’t see. Invisible things that fly around and irritate you. Little bad spirits or something.

She says they always show up around this time of year and they just showed up today. I don’t even notice them. I think my person made them up. She says they’re all over my trails but they’re worse in my wash.

She could have come up with a better story if she didn’t want to go in my wash. Like a giant flood on its way that might overtake us, or a mountain lion lurking behind a tree waiting to jump out at us. Or a bunch of coyotes waiting to lure me into their pack. But no, she made up a sad story about invisible things. She even has a name for them. She calls them “no see ‘ems.”

Well, the next time I don’t see a cat, or I don’t see a rabbit, or even a quail, I’m chasing after it anyway. I can play this “no see ‘em” game too.


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