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Cell Phone Be Gone

No Cell PhonesDon’t do it person! No, don’t go near it. You’re getting your hiking boots on. You’ve got to tie them or you’ll trip all over them. Just ignore it. Let it ring. Don’t answer that phone!

She didn’t listen to me and now she’s talking on the phone. I’m so excited to go for a walk and now my person is on the phone. What to do, what to do?

I hope she doesn’t trip over her shoelaces because then we might not get to go at all. Person, if you won’t tie your shoes at least sit down so you don’t trip.

Maybe if I jump up and down next to her she’ll get the hint. I really want to go for a walk person.

Why is a dog’s life so hard? All I want to do is go for a walk. I’m not asking for much. Just a simple walk on my trails. How hard is that? But no – my person gets me all excited to go and now she’s talking on the phone.

Oh yay! She put her phone down. Come on person, I’m at the door waiting to go.

What!!?? You don’t have time to go now? That’s wrong! This is dog abuse!

Does anyone need a cell phone? I’ve got one to give away. I hope you don’t mind if I get it a little slobbery.


Posted by on February 2, 2012 in Bongo, dogs, humor


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