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Cat Conspiracy

Bongo and two cats on the couch on the other side of the roomI’m trying to ignore what’s going on behind me, but it doesn’t look good.

Most of the time Gizmo and Scratchy are hanging out in different rooms of the house.

I hardly ever see them together except when my person feeds them.

And then I’m not paying much attention because I’m so busy eating.

But I’m getting really concerned right now.

It looks like a cat conspiracy to me.





Gizmo and Scratchy on the back of the futon

They never hang out on the same couch together.

They must be planning something.

I wonder how I can get them to move without getting any claws in my face.

Gizmo and Scratchy on the back of a futon

Never mind.

Bongo looking as if he's waiting for something

Hey person, can you throw the ball again?


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