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Beans or Corn?

Bongo SniffingI decided to do a test the other day. Awhile back I ate a bunch of dried beans. They tasted pretty good, but it took me two days to get rid of them. It was kind of rumbly in my tummy. Recently my person gave me the chance to compare them with something else.

She had some supplies left from her Sunday school class in a bag in her room. Most of it was stuff I didn’t care about, but there was one thing in there that had an interesting smell to it. Not a strong smell, but still interesting. My person must have forgotten it was there.

I waited until my people were out of the house and then searched through her bag and found it. A cup full of unpopped popcorn. I quickly pulled it out of the bag and spread it across the floor so I could taste it at my leisure.

I have to admit that it wasn’t as good as the beans. And I’ll still rank dog treats way above either.

Corn on the Carpet

Beans on the Carpet

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