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Bury the Bone

Bongo burying a boneA couple days ago I found a bone on my trails.

And my person said, “Drop it.”

So today when I found that bone again I decided to bury it.

I dug a hole under a tree…




Bongo putting the bone in the ground

and I dropped it in.

Then I buried it.

I don’t have a shovel…

Bongo covering the bone with his nose

so I buried it with my nose.

It was hard work, but I got that bone covered up.

Bongo checking to see if the bone is still there

But now I can’t see that bone anymore. And I can’t smell it as well, either.

I’d better dig it up and make sure it’s still there.

Bongo found the bone still in the hole

Yup, it’s here.

Guess I’d better take it and put it in a safe place.

Bongo with the bone in his mouth

What? Drop it?

What do you mean, drop it?

Bongo looking at the bone on the ground

I worked hard for this bone, person.

I dropped it, but I’m holding you responsible if anything happens to it.


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