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The Bone is Back

Bongo found his bone from yesterdayHey person, you know that bone I found? The one you made me drop yesterday?

Well it’s still here.

This is one stroke of luck.





Bongo picking up his bone

I think I’d better bury this thing again before somebody else finds it.

Bongo digging a hole

Okay bone. You’ll be safe in here.

Bongo about to bury the bone in the hole

This is really hard work covering up this bone.

I wish I had a shovel so I didn’t have to use my nose.

Bongo covering the bone up

Person, what do you mean we have to go now?

I worked really hard to bury that bone. I’ve got to dig it up now and make sure it’s safe.

I don’t want to go yet. I’m not done digging.

You’re going to make all that work I did go to waste.

I bet there’s nobody that works harder than I just did, and you’re going to turn it into a waste.

Ant dragging a large tuft of hair

What’s that ant doing carrying that tail around with him?

Working harder than me?

No way.

I carry my tail around with me all the time. It’s no work at all.


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Bury the Bone

Bongo burying a boneA couple days ago I found a bone on my trails.

And my person said, “Drop it.”

So today when I found that bone again I decided to bury it.

I dug a hole under a tree…




Bongo putting the bone in the ground

and I dropped it in.

Then I buried it.

I don’t have a shovel…

Bongo covering the bone with his nose

so I buried it with my nose.

It was hard work, but I got that bone covered up.

Bongo checking to see if the bone is still there

But now I can’t see that bone anymore. And I can’t smell it as well, either.

I’d better dig it up and make sure it’s still there.

Bongo found the bone still in the hole

Yup, it’s here.

Guess I’d better take it and put it in a safe place.

Bongo with the bone in his mouth

What? Drop it?

What do you mean, drop it?

Bongo looking at the bone on the ground

I worked hard for this bone, person.

I dropped it, but I’m holding you responsible if anything happens to it.


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The Bone Tree

Tree with the sun shining throughThere’s a special tree near the beginning of my trails. Well, actually there are two special trees.








One is the peanut tree.

That’s where those pesky squirrels keep all their peanuts until they get hungry for them. I’m just waiting to catch one of those pesky squirrels under there.

Squirrel in a tree

But that’s not the tree I’m talking about. The other special tree is the bone tree. I found it when my person wanted to go back by it to take pictures of some flowers. What a treat! There are bones everywhere under there.

But my person wouldn’t let me take any of them home with me.

And now she won’t even let me go back near that tree.

But something’s been happening lately. Some of those bones have been finding their way out near my trail.

I don’t know what dog in his right mind would put a bone there and just leave it. But that’s what happened.

But now I have a real dilemma.

My person won’t let me take the bones I find.

Maybe I can nonchalantly (did I say that word?) walk by that bone and quietly snatch it up as I keep walking along.

That didn’t work either. She made me drop it.

Come on, person. Let me have that bone!

Bongo trying to get a bone

I guess I’m one of those dogs I was talking about who’s not in his right mind.

No! No! Let me have the bone!

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Depend on God

Depend on God dog craftCheck this craft out that my person is doing with her Sunday school kids. Isn’t it cool? I think they should do this craft every week. It’s the best craft ever.

D.O.G. stands for me and it also stands for Depend On God. Hey person, since I’m a dog does that mean I depend on God all the time? If I depend on God will He give me one of those big bones like the dog in the craft has?

I can depend on God for a big bone.

What? I’m supposed to what?

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be listening to a Bible story now.

They had battles in the Bible? Are they exciting?

Oh, I get it. When people depended on God He helped them win the battles. Did they give their dogs big juicy bones when they won?

Okay, I’ll listen.

King Asa was a king of Judah who depended on God. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and commanded Judah to seek the Lord. They had peace in the land and were able to build up and fortify their cities and towns, and to prosper.

King Asa had an army of three hundred thousand men and they all had large shields and spears.

That sounds pretty scary. I bet no one could beat them.

What happened? Zerah the Cushite marched out against them with an even bigger army and three hundred chariots? Oh no!

Asa must have been pretty brave because he went out to meet that big old army and took up battle positions.

What’s going to happen, person?

I am listening.

Asa called out to the Lord his God and asked for help against that big army. And you know what?

The Lord struck down those mean old Cushites and they ran away. And Asa and his army chased them and got lots of plunder.

What’s plunder? Is that like big, juicy bones?

I’m hungry now, person.

They did what? They attacked the herdsmen’s camps and carried off sheep, goats, and camels.

Wow! I bet they needed lots of shepherd dogs to help bring those sheep back. It’s a good thing they got all those juicy bones.


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The Bone

Bone Bliss

Bone Bliss

Last night one of my people left and came home with a bag. My other person opened it and then I began to smell it. A little whiff – and then he took it outside. When he came back in – oh, that smell was heavenly. I sat there, saliva building up in my mouth, and I watched him eat that chunk of meat. I could only dream and hope I might get a tiny little scrap in the end.

Then he gave it to me. I haven’t had one of these in a long time. A mouth-watering meaty chunked bone. Mmmm, so good. I took it out of my bowl and settled on the soft carpet to munch. Then my other person took it away and made me go back into the kitchen to get it. Fine, I can play this game. I took the bone from her and settled back down on the carpet. She took it away again. Go get the bone – back to the carpet. Here she comes again. This is getting ridiculous. Okay, this tile floor is not nearly as nice, but if that’s what I’ve got to do to keep my bone I guess I must.

I stayed on that tile floor long enough. I tried one more time to take my bone out to the carpet. She let me stay and I spent the evening in bone-crunching bliss.



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