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Riley’s Rocks

RileyMy person did it again. She went off and left me and found another dog to take pictures of. I think I’m going to fix my person’s camera so it only takes a picture when I’m in it.

My person said she didn’t mean to find a dog. She said she wasn’t looking for another dog. She just happened to find one. I’m not sure if I believe her.

She said she was walking with some friends in a strange neighborhood. Any neighborhood that isn’t mine is strange – and I don’t know what my person was doing walking somewhere other than my trails.

She said she just happened to see Riley standing next to his sign and she said it was too good not to take a picture.

I guess that wouldn’t have been so bad, her taking a picture and all – but you know what she did then? She went onto Riley’s rocks and said hi to him. She didn’t have to do that.

My person did say that Riley was very interested in checking me out. I guess my person does love me. She takes me everywhere even when she leaves me at home.

I think next time though, I’d better go with my person for real and teach Riley how to jump that electric fence.


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