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Who’s Taking Over My Blog?

Bongo on the kitchen floorThis is my blog!

If you try to let someone take over my blog I’m staying right in the middle of this kitchen floor.

Every time you try to eat I’ll be here.

Right in your way.

And I might trip you too, so you drop food on the floor.

Then it’s mine.

Who’s taking over my blog anyway?

It better not be the cats again.

You what?

You just want to tell everyone what my younger person did?

Well, why didn’t you tell me?

Can I tell them?

Woo woo!

Awhile back my younger person went to that college place – wherever that is.

And he wasn’t around here so much anymore.

But now he finished with that college place and he had to go take a bunch of tests from someplace called the FAA.

I think that means Forget About Animals because every time my younger person went to take one of those tests he left me and was gone for a couple days.

But now he’s done with all those FAA tests and he can officially work on airplanes, helicopters, and jets.

Bongo in a Jet

Hey younger person, if you want to work on this plane you’ve got to catch it first.


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