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Who’s Taking Over My Blog?

Bongo on the kitchen floorThis is my blog!

If you try to let someone take over my blog I’m staying right in the middle of this kitchen floor.

Every time you try to eat I’ll be here.

Right in your way.

And I might trip you too, so you drop food on the floor.

Then it’s mine.

Who’s taking over my blog anyway?

It better not be the cats again.

You what?

You just want to tell everyone what my younger person did?

Well, why didn’t you tell me?

Can I tell them?

Woo woo!

Awhile back my younger person went to that college place – wherever that is.

And he wasn’t around here so much anymore.

But now he finished with that college place and he had to go take a bunch of tests from someplace called the FAA.

I think that means Forget About Animals because every time my younger person went to take one of those tests he left me and was gone for a couple days.

But now he’s done with all those FAA tests and he can officially work on airplanes, helicopters, and jets.

Bongo in a Jet

Hey younger person, if you want to work on this plane you’ve got to catch it first.


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Left Out of the Adventure

No Bongo AdventuresMy people went on an adventure last night and didn’t invite me – the dog who lives for adventures. I’m not even sure what kind of adventure they went on. A treasure hunt maybe?

Here’s what happened. My younger person left kind of late last night and said he was going back to that college place. I think maybe he said that so I wouldn’t try to go with him.

My person and I went into her bedroom and she turned out the lights. So far, so good. This happens almost every night around here.

But then, I heard that strange sound. The one that makes her pick up that little thing and talk to it. I’ve never been able to figure out what she’s doing – except that she ignores me when she’s talking to it. She hardly ever talks to that thing after she’s turned out the lights, but when she finished talking to it, she turned out the lights a second time.

But then you know what she did? She talked to that thing again and left the house and drove off in her car. And she didn’t take me!

Just me and Scratchy alone in the house – in the dark. This is not right.

My person was gone for a long time and it was starting to get light when I heard her car. I know she was on an adventure because she brought my younger person back with her. This college place he keeps talking about must be all made up.

My younger person slept for awhile and then left again in his little car. He must have lost the other one on the adventure. He’s still insisting that he’s going to that made up college place.

If my person talks to that thing again tonight, I’m blocking the door so she can’t get out without taking me with her. I’ve got to make sure they don’t lose another car in that black hole they call the college place.


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Dream Come True

Bongo and his Younger PersonI can’t believe it! This just happened to me a few days ago and now my person did it again. She dropped me off at the dog hotel!

I knew something was coming up because her suitcase came out this time. But where do you think she was going? To see my younger person in his new apartment. That one he got so he could go to that college place. He’s my younger person, so why don’t I get to go? I could go to college too.

I thought I’d be at the dog hotel forever. It seems like I usually am when I go there, but my person picked me up and I only had to stay there one night.

So we came home and I was taking a serious nap like I always do when I come home from the dog hotel, when somewhere in a dream I thought I heard a familiar sound.

But it had to be just a dream because that sound wasn’t here anymore.

I woke up just in case and the sound was still there. My younger person’s car!

How could that be? He went away to that college place. I ran to the door and in he came.

And he gave me loves! I guess that college place did my younger person some good. My person says he takes classes there. He must be taking one on how to love your dog and he had to come home to do his homework.


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Something’s Not Right

Bongo in the car realizing he's at the dog hotelI’m later than usual getting my post up today – for good reason. I just got home, but more about that in a bit.

Strange activity has been going on in my house. Stuff has been piling up in my living room. Stuff that usually stays in other parts of the house. I didn’t like it, but I figured I was safe because the suitcases weren’t coming out. When that happens I know I’m really in trouble.

Yesterday morning my younger person put all that stuff in his car. Then he left. A few minutes later my person got out my leash and told me to get in her car. Woo woo! We’re going for a ride. Where are we going? Swimming? The dog park?

The car stopped and I was ready to jump out when…

Wait a minute! This is the Dog Hotel! Turn around now. I don’t want to go here.

My person wouldn’t listen to me and she left me there.

Today my person came back for me. I’m home again now but my younger person is missing. I know he goes away sometimes, but this feels different. Like he’s gone for a long time.

My person says he went to a place called Ege and we can call him there.

You mean I can call Ege, but I can’t go there? Why not?

Come on person. I want to go to call Ege right now and tell my younger person to come back.

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