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Poinsettia Day

Bongo wearing a poinsettia hat

Today is Poinsettia Day.

Like my hat?


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Detective Dog

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesIt came! It finally came! My Detective Dog hat. All this time I’ve been doing investigations and I had no hat to wear.

And it looks like I have an investigation already. I’ve got to find my hat. It was here and now it’s missing. I don’t see it anywhere.

As a matter of fact, I don’t see anything.

This could be serious. What could have happened?





Bongo with Detective Dog hat on the floor

Oh, there it is!

And now I can see the carpet and everything else too.

I really am a good Detective Dog. I solved that mystery quickly. I bet no one else could have done it that fast.

I’d better get my hat back on and wait for the next mystery to arrive.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

What do you think? Suave and debonair enough for you? Aren’t you just ready to hire me to solve your next case? No one could turn me down.

Bongo looking snazzy with his Detective Dog hat on

Or maybe this?

Hey girls, come on over and let Detective Dog solve your case for you. And afterwards we can have a few treats and go for a romp on my trails.


Yikes! I think I’ve got another mystery to solve. Detective Dog to the rescue!

What’s the mystery? Can’t you tell?

All the girls are missing!

Somebody must have snatched them away.

I’m definitely heading out to investigate this one.

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