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Dog Hotel Paintings – Day 1

Bongo behind barsDo you believe it?

I got all excited when my person told me to get in the car this morning.

I should have suspected something when I saw the suitcases.

I was hoping to end up somewhere adventurous and fun – but here I am at the dog hotel.

And I can’t even tell you about my adventures here, because if my person finds out that I have fun sometimes she might make me stay longer.


And I don’t like it here that much.

So here’s the deal.

A couple weeks ago my person went to a camera meeting and they had a drawing for some photo programs.

And my person won!

She won a program called Snap Art that makes photos look like paintings or drawings.

So you get to see me in art all week.

It looks like my person spent hours with her brushes, but she really only spent a few minutes on the computer.

So here’s the first one.

Bongo photo looking like a painting

This is me in impasto (a technique where the paint is laid on thickly).


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