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Say the Word

English: Jesus healing the servant of a Centur...

English: Jesus healing the servant of a Centurion by Paolo Veronese Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Jesus having another fish dinner yet?

What do you mean, I’m out of luck? I know Jesus can have fish dinner whenever He wants.

Oh, He healed somebody else? But it was different than before?

I guess I’ll listen. I like miracles.


There was a Roman centurion in Capernaum who was highly thought of by the Jews. He loved the nation of Israel and had built a synagogue for them.


Did he give treats to the dogs?

Yes, I’m listening.


This centurion had a servant whom he valued highly who was sick and about to die. When he heard of Jesus he sent some of the elders of the Jews to Him, asking Him if he would heal the servant. The Jews told Jesus that the man deserved to have Him do this.

Jesus went with the men, but when he was near the house the centurion sent some friends to tell Jesus that he didn’t deserve to have him come under his roof, and that he hadn’t come himself because he didn’t feel worthy to come to Jesus.


Jesus could come to my house then.

As long as he brings fish, that is.

I am listening.


The centurion told Jesus to say the word, and his servant would be healed.


What if Jesus said the word and fish appeared?

Okay, I’ll listen.


Jesus was amazed at this centurion and He turned to the crowd following Him and said, “I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.”

The men the centurion had sent returned to the house and found the servant well.


Good. Jesus is finished healing. I bet he’s hungry now. I think I’ll go hang around and see if I can get an invite to dinner.


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Hidden in a Cave

Landscape with David at the Cave of Adullam

Person, what do you mean you’re not going to tell me the story of those other sheep? You promised.

Well, I figured you meant you’d tell me that story next. I don’t want to wait.

Okay, I’ll listen. But this better be good.

My person says that after David escaped from King Saul, King Saul chased him around the countryside because he still wanted to kill him. For a time David hid in the cave of Adullam and his family and lots of men joined him there. The men that joined him did not have the best of character. They were the distressed, indebted, and the discontent. Person, I’m not sure what all those words mean.

Okay, I’ll listen.

My person says that David became the leader of all those men that have words with D in them. He even straightened some of them out.

How did he do that, person?

He what? He did? My person says that one of the things David did was to set a good example for the men. I set good examples. I could straighten out those men.

One of the times that King Saul was chasing David he went into a cave to relieve himself. This was not any cave. It happened to be the cave that David and his men were in. They were far back in it so King Saul didn’t see them.

While King Saul was doing his business, David crept up on him and…

He didn’t kill him? But any normal person would kill someone who was out to kill them. After all, it’s self defense.

Do you believe it? David didn’t kill King Saul. Instead he cut off the corner of his robe. Then he felt guilty for even doing that, because King Saul was the Lord’s anointed.

So David went out of the cave and told King Saul what he had done. He said he’d done nothing against King Saul and wouldn’t. David gave it to the Lord to avenge the wrongs King Saul had done to him.

Person, I think the Lord is more powerful than David. I wouldn’t want Him after me. So what happened to King Saul? Something really nasty?

What do you mean, that’s another story? I would think he’d get struck down right there.

He did? King Saul left? But he went after David again later?

I don’t get it. I think I’ll gather up my dog buddies and go after King Saul right now. See you later.


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Jealousy Can Be Deadly

David and Saul

Hey person, you know that David guy? The one who killed that giant named Goliath?

Yeah, him. Whatever happened to his sheep – and his sheep dogs?

What? He didn’t? Other people had to take care of them? Why? Won’t David miss them?

My person says that after David killed Goliath he became a big hero and all the Israelites loved him. King Saul kept David in his service and didn’t let him go home any more to his family and his sheep – and sheep dogs.

But then something happened. After that battle with the Philistines all the people praised King Saul, but they praised David even more.

And King Saul got really jealous.

King Saul got so jealous that while David was playing the harp for him he threw a spear at him and tried to pin David to the wall.

He what!? He threw that spear at David twice? I hope David was okay.

My person says that David got away from King Saul and then King Saul was afraid of David because he knew the Lord was with him. So you know what that mean old King Saul did? He sent David out to battle, hoping that David would get killed.

David didn’t get killed, did he person? What would his sheep do without him?

He was? Oh that’s good. My person says David was very successful in battle because the Lord was with him, and he became even more of a hero in Israel.

So then what happened?

No way. You know what happened next? That mean old King Saul threw another spear at David while he was playing the harp. David had had enough by this point and he knew King Saul meant business, so that night he escaped.

What happened next person? Oh, come on. Tell me more.

I don’t believe it. My person won’t tell me any more. She says King Saul chased after David and David had lots and lots of adventures.

What kind of adventures person? Did David’s sheep have adventures too?

Really? David’s sheep didn’t have any adventures, but some other sheep did?

Come on person, I think you’re pulling the wool over my eyes.


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Escape to Egypt

hills in the Judean desert

“…out of Egypt I called my son.” Hosea 11:1

Hey person, whose son is in Egypt? Are there animals in this story?

They worshipped what in Egypt? No way! They worshipped cats!? It’s a good thing that son was called out of Egypt. Who was that son anyway?

He was? How did he get there? I thought he was in…?

Okay person, I’ll let you tell the story.

My person says Jesus had his first big adventure when he was still very little. I like adventures. I’m listening person.

Okay, I’m quiet now.

My person says that after those Magi she talked about in the last Bible story gave Jesus his gifts, you know, that gold, frankincense, myrrh, and those chew toys, they were warned in a dream not to go back to that sneaky King Herod, so they went home another way.

After the Magi left, an angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt because King Herod was going to look for Jesus to kill him. Sure enough when that sneaky evil King Herod realized he’d been outwitted by the Magi he got really mad and wanted to find and kill Jesus. But Jesus had already left for Egypt.

It wasn’t too long before sneaky evil King Herod died and an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream again, and told him they could go back to Israel. I hope they didn’t bring any of those cats back with them.

When they got back to Israel, without any cats, they found out that King Herod’s evil son Archelaus was ruling in Judea – the area they had been in before they went to Egypt – and they decided to go to a town called Nazareth in the district of Galilee instead. My person says that Nazareth is where Jesus grew up.

That was a pretty exciting adventure for a little kid – running away from an evil king, all the way from Israel to Egypt. I’m sure glad it ended okay. But person, I think there’s something wrong with my ears. I keep hearing this meowing sound.


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