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Leaf Dropping

Manzanita bush with leaves on the groundWhat’s this?

This is the wrong time of the year.

And those leaves are the wrong color to be on the ground.

As a matter of fact, Manzanita leaves don’t fall to the ground.

They stay on the bushes all year.

And since this is the only place on my whole trails with a pile of leaves like this, I know there’s some culprit somewhere who is guilty of leaf dropping.


And it’s up to me to find out who it is.

Bongo sniffing the manzanita bush

I’m sure that leaf dropper left some evidence somewhere around this bush.

Hmmm. It’s hard to sort out the messages.

I’d better work on it though.

After all it is one of my favorite things to do.

Bongo sniffing under the manzanita bush

I bet there’s something under here.

It’s closer to the grounded leaves.

I’m sure there’s something under here that will give me a hint as to who the culprit is.

Bongo sniffing the bush with his feet near the fallen leaves

Nothing. Nada. I’m not having any luck.

I’m not finding any clues anywhere.

There’s only one thing I can tell for sure.

Those leaves have fallen and they can’t get up.


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No Leaves

Bongo in a pile of fallen mesquite beansThis time of year most people – and dogs – have piles of leaves in their yard.

Some people think they’re a chore because they have to rake them up and get rid of them.

But kids and dogs think they’re great fun.

At least I think they do.

I don’t have one tree in my yard or on my trails that drop their leaves.

Not one.

The juniper tree drops berries, and the pine trees drop needles – but not one tree drops leaves.

I’ve always wanted to run and jump into a big pile of leaves, but it’s something I’ve never gotten to do.

So while I was out walking on my trails today I found that my trails do have something to offer.

Maybe not any leaves, but I guess this is the next best thing.


Mesquite tree beans.

Piles of them.

Maybe if I add the piles together they’ll be big enough to jump in.

I’m not sure they’ll have the crunch that freshly fallen leaves have.

But there is something they do have, and maybe this makes them even better than a pile of leaves.

Bongo sniffing mesquite beans

These beans smell really good.

Hey, we even have one of these trees in my yard.

I think I’ll gather up some beans and bring them inside.


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Tangled with Excitement

Bongo Tangled in his LeashI finally saw it. And I got so excited I got all wound up – and now I’m tangled up.







Bongo and a few red leaved mixed in with the green

Do you see it? You might have to look really hard. Behind me.

I’ve been looking all over for this. I’ve heard about it this time of year. Some places get tons of it, but on my trails it’s hard to find.

All the trees around here are green, and they stay green all year. The only things that have a lot of red on them are the rocks, and they stay red all the time. They don’t suddenly explode in red at certain times of the year.

So I’ve been looking everywhere for some fall colors. My person says there are some in other parts of Sedona, but on my trails they’re hard to come by.

So I’ve been looking, and I finally found the spot. It was hard to find. It’s not on the main part of my trails. But I found it.

The fall color spot.

At least, the fall color bush.

Well, the fall color part of a bush.

Anyway, here you have it.

A few read leaves

A few red leaves

Happy fall everyone!


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