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Fall Assignment

Bongo and the only fall color on the trailsMy person has an assignment for her photography class. She’s supposed to take pictures of fall.

That’s really hard on my trails. Except when we get flowers most things look about the same around here all year long.

So I thought I would help my person out.

I remember seeing fall colors somewhere on my trails.

Now if I could just remember where they were.

Oh yeah, here they are.

We had this one little spot of color last year about this time. It’s back again.

You’re in luck, person. That ought to make a great picture for your assignment.

Small bush with fall colors

I bet you’ll get an A for sure. I looked really hard to find that fall color for you.

Isn’t it beautiful?

What did you say, person?

You did what?

Grove of yellow aspens

Hey, wait a minute! Those trees aren’t on my trails.

fall aspens, mountains, and a pond

We don’t have mountains like that on my trails either.

What did you do person?

tree of yellow leaves

You went somewhere without me, didn’t you.

You took your camera again and left me at home.

fall aspen leaves with hills in the background

If you get a bad grade on those pictures it’s not my fault.

You should have listened to me.

My trails have the best spot of fall color ever.

Besides, there’s no dog in your pictures.


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Tangled with Excitement

Bongo Tangled in his LeashI finally saw it. And I got so excited I got all wound up – and now I’m tangled up.







Bongo and a few red leaved mixed in with the green

Do you see it? You might have to look really hard. Behind me.

I’ve been looking all over for this. I’ve heard about it this time of year. Some places get tons of it, but on my trails it’s hard to find.

All the trees around here are green, and they stay green all year. The only things that have a lot of red on them are the rocks, and they stay red all the time. They don’t suddenly explode in red at certain times of the year.

So I’ve been looking everywhere for some fall colors. My person says there are some in other parts of Sedona, but on my trails they’re hard to come by.

So I’ve been looking, and I finally found the spot. It was hard to find. It’s not on the main part of my trails. But I found it.

The fall color spot.

At least, the fall color bush.

Well, the fall color part of a bush.

Anyway, here you have it.

A few read leaves

A few red leaves

Happy fall everyone!


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