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Trail Lost and Found

Bongo sniffing a red glove on the groundWe’ve been having such a warm winter that people on my trails keep taking off their clothes and dropping them.

I guess whoever belongs to this glove only had one hand that got too warm.

They must have still needed the other glove.

But something else was dropped too.




Bongo sniffing a bandana on the ground

Things keep appearing all over my trails.

People ought to do like I do.

Go outside a little early and check the wind.

Then they’d know if they needed all those extra clothes or not.

But there’s a place where all these extra clothes show up.

My person has even deposited things there.

Bongo looking at clothes on a rock

I call it the Trail Lost and Found.

Sometimes things show up there and they go away fast.

But other times things hang around there for a long time.

And I know why.

It’s still not cold enough.

Whoever dropped those extra clothes still doesn’t want to carry them around.

But if it gets really cold out I bet the Trail Lost and Found will empty out in no time.

So to keep the Lost and Found from getting piled too high I might have to do some searching to see if I can find the owners of the dropped clothes.

I’ll see if I can find some clues around here.

Bongo sniffing the bottom of a big rock

Hey, wait a minute!

What happened to that red glove?


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Trail Lost and Found

Hat on a rockMy person says that lots of places have a special department called Lost and Found. My trails have one of those departments too.

There’s a special rock at the beginning of my trails and when people find something that was dropped they take it to the special rock and leave it there.

Most people come out the same way to get back to their car or their house. Sometimes they find what they dropped at the Trail Lost and Found.

But sometimes the people are just as lost as the thing they lost. Sometimes they are lucky just to find their car and when they do they are so happy to have found it again they go right past the Trail Lost and Found without seeing their lost stuff.

I’m not sure what to do about this. If too much stuff piles up in the Trail Lost and Found the wind is going to move it to a new place and the Trail Lost and Found will be lost until we find it again.

And if we don’t find it soon enough a pack rat might take all the lost stuff to pad its nest. Then we might never find the Trail Lost and Found and it will be lost forever.

I think I’d better do something about this. I could get rich while I’m at it. I’ll stand guard at the Trail Lost and Found until the lost people come and find their stuff. Then I’ll charge them lots of loves for guarding their lost stuff until they found it.

Bongo in front of the Lost and Found Rock


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