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Left Behind

Bongo wanting out of dog jailThis is bad.

This is really bad.

My people have been so full of mischief that I can’t even wait until Monday Mischief to post it.

I’ve got to get it off my chest now.

I’ve got to let you feel sorry for me know all the horrible things they’ve been up to.

For two days in a row my people locked me in dog jail and went for a walk without me.

And I didn’t get a walk at all.

Something about me maybe wrecking my person’s good camera.

I would not wreck her camera – at least as long as she only used it to take pictures of me.

But what’s worse is all the things my people did.

Without me.


Yesterday they went to the creek.

Cathedral Rock - Sedona, AZ

And I didn’t even get to go swimming.

Pomeranian swimming in Oak Creek

But this dog did.


Then today a really horrible thing happened.

My people went on my trails to take pictures of the sunset.

Without me.

Chimney Rock at sunset

And while they were on their way to that sunset…

Bongo's friend Lucy

They saw my girlfriend Lucy.

She probably thinks I’m avoiding her on purpose now.

Next time I’m locking my people in dog jail.


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Summer Do

Bongo and LucyI met a strange dog on my trails today.

She was very friendly and wanted to play.

Most dogs I know just want to check me out.

It’s hard to find one who wants to play with me before even getting a friendly sniff.

While I appreciated the play, I still had to check her out.


Hey, wait a minute.

This isn’t a strange dog.

I know this dog.

This is my girlfriend Lucy!

With a haircut!

It’s a good thing a girl’s smell doesn’t change when she changes her hairdo.


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Beginning and the End

Lucy and BongoMy time on my trails was uneventful today. Well, sort of. We didn’t meet anyone on my trails. It’s been hot here so not many people and dogs are going out. But stuff did happen before and after the trails.

My person and I were still in my yard, heading out to the street that goes to my trails. And along came three dogs and a person. It’s the person who knew my name before I met her. She must really like my blog because she’s been bringing her dogs by my house.

But our people won’t let us meet. Those dogs and I keep yanking at our leashes but our people won’t give.

So I headed to my trails disappointed because I didn’t get to play with those dogs, and I didn’t find any of my friends on my trails.

Our walk was over and we were heading into the parking lot when I saw her. I hadn’t seen her in a very long time. My girlfriend Lucy!

But Lucy was stand-offish and didn’t want to play with me. Disappointment on top of disappointment.

Oh no! What if she heard about LeighLa, my other girlfriend? My friend Sweet Kitten warned me about having two girlfriends but I didn’t believe her. I thought it would be okay.

What do I do now? They’re both my favorites. This is serious disaster!

Help! Somebody please give me some advice.

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