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Trail Lights

Manzanita with light shining through loose barkThat’s really weird. Someone took some orange Halloween lights and put them on this manzanita bush, way out here on my trails. They didn’t even pick a bush next to the trail. They had to climb way under this tree to get them on there. If I wasn’t so close to the ground I would have walked right by and never noticed them.

Why would somebody do that?






Manzanita with light shining through the loose trunk bark

And look at this bush. They didn’t even put the lights on the side you could see the best. Maybe they’re not decorating for us people and dogs that walk by on my trails. Do you think they did this for the squirrels and the bunnies? Or maybe those invisible creatures that were hanging around here on Halloween? I hope they’re not still around.

Manzanita with light shining through the bark

Wow! Look at this one. It’s really lit up. I think I’m safe now. All those bright lights probably scared those creatures away.

Bongo sniffing a bush with yellow leaves

Check this one out. It’s right on the trail, but the lights seem to be fading. I hope it already scared all the creatures away because I think it’s running out of electricity.

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It’s Still January

Pink Manzanita BlossomsI don’t get it person. What’s the big deal? Why are you taking pictures of those bushes?

So it’s only January, so what? What’s January?

Those bushes have blossoms on them? Oh, now I get it. Those bushes are really mixed up. They’re not supposed to have blossoms this time of year, are they?

Do you think those blossoms got really bored and decided to peak out to see what was happening?

Maybe we’re going to get late snow this year and those blossoms thought they’d sneak out while there wasn’t any. Or maybe they got really mad at one of my trail dog friends who was trying to water them and they thought they’d better come out and give him what for.

I think I’d better check that out. What kind of bushes did you say these were? Manzanita?

Bongo Sniffing Manzanita

Well, little Manzanita blossoms. I find no evidence of any of my dog buddies around here. You’re going to have to come up with a better reason for showing yourselves or go back where you came from.

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