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Bongo in a red bandannaWoo woo!

I got a special message on my blog yesterday.

It’s a lot of adventures shared, and a lot of friends made.

My person says a lot of hours spent on the computer too.

She always complains, but better her than me.

So I guess I should share my message with you.





1,000 Posts!


Congratulations on writing 1,000 total posts on bongodogblog.


Can you imagine?

One thousand adventures shared on my blog!

In the same amount of days.

But here’s something even cooler.

Some of my longest time blogging friends, Love Bug and her mumma, and their dogs Bella and Beary over at Bumpy Road to Bubba got their 1000 post message too.

On the very same day!

How awesome to share this special milestone with friends.

I think I’ll send them all some big, slobbery kisses to celebrate.

I hope Love Bug sends me back some little girl loves.

I just love little girl loves.


My person thought I should share my most popular post with you but I don’t want to.

It’s that dumb dead mouse again.

One of the first posts I ever wrote.

It’s always that dumb dead mouse.

It’s not even about me, but people keep finding it because of the picture my person drew.

If only she’d taken a picture of that mouse I wouldn’t have this problem

Or maybe if she drew a few pictures of me.

I’m sure people would like me better than a mouse.

And a dead one at that.


Well, I’m off to have some more adventures now.

Otherwise, how am I going to write the next thousand posts.

Bongo's face


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Bugs or Mice

Mouse BugStrange things have been happening around my house lately. I know things happen on my trails, but not in my house. I’m not supposed to have to put on my Detective Dog hat in my house.

First, I heard my person complaining about some bugs that she didn’t like. I’m not sure why. There are lots of bugs around here and usually my person isn’t bothered by them. It was something about putting mud on the stair railing and making funny little mud pies in the yard.

At least they weren’t tracking mud on the carpet. I get in trouble if I do that.

Then my people made a bunch of racket under the house and they didn’t even let me come join them. I had to stay in the normal part of the house. Now there are bags of stuff in my back yard. I don’t know why, but it’s cramping my Frisbee style.

But today was the strangest of all. Some guys were hanging out outside our house all morning, making all kinds of racket. I don’t know what they were doing, but I think they were up to no good.

My person didn’t seem to mind though. She even talked to them.

When I looked outside I saw that strange thing in the picture. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe a cross between a mouse and a bug.

I’m afraid that maybe my people took all the bugs out from under the house and filled those bags with them – and then those guys filled up the space under the house with mice.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I only have one cat to take care of all those mice. I really don’t want to have to get more cats.


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Dead Mouse Fan Club

The Dead Mouse Fan ClubSometimes I let my person look around my blog and she likes to see how people find me through searches. Well, ever since I posted Adventures of a Dead Mouse way last October searches have been finding it.

I think it’s all my fault. My person wouldn’t take a picture of the dead mouse that I found so I made her draw one to put on my blog. Nobody seems to care about what I wrote. They keep looking for that poor dead mouse my person drew with searches like “dead mouse drawing” or just “dead mouse.”

I think that mouse has its own fan club and nobody told me about it. I’m really upset, because if a mouse on my blog has a fan club then I want to join. And if those people who started the mouse’s fan club are really good at it, maybe they could start a Bongo fan club too. I’d definitely join that.

So fan club members, give me a few comments on my blog please. I want to join too.

I think those people must be really good at starting fan clubs because the mouse’s fan club has gone international. I hope they can all talk to each other because some of them write really funny. мёртвая мышь


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