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Nurse Bongo

Bongo Kissing his Person's AnkleI was so bummed yesterday. My person had twisted her ankle the day before and she was limping, and moaning, and saying it hurt really bad.

So yesterday morning she said I wasn’t going to get my walk.

What do you mean I’m not getting my walk? I always get my walk.

Not only that, but my person said I had to take care of her.

Well, I take care of her by barking if a stranger comes into the yard, or by keeping Scratchy out of her room so he won’t bother her. But what does she mean – take care of her? Do I have to get a new hat now – a Nurse Dog hat?

I’ve never been Nurse Dog before, but I’ll do anything to get my walk. So I kissed my person’s ankle, and I guess I did a good job being Nurse Dog because my person felt so good she got up and left me – alone. Well, alone with Scratchy. She got in her car and left.

See if I ever put on a Nurse Dog hat again.

But then my person came back and said she felt good enough to take me for a walk. Woo woo!

I’m not sure why, but my person walked kind of slow. I didn’t mind though because it gave me extra time to get some good sniffs in.

But now I’m thinking, if my Nurse Dog skills got my person better that fast, maybe what I need isn’t a Nurse Dog hat at all. It’s something else.

What about Miracle Healer Dog hat? Come on over to my house. I’ll heal you pronto.

Wait a minute. I don’t need a hat for that at all. But I could do with a big tent in the yard.


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