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The Hose

Bongo examining an old fire hoseHmm. What’s going on here?

This is really strange.

This piece of hose has been hanging out in the parking lot of my trails for a long time.

It’s always been straight as an arrow and flat on the ground.

So what’s going on today? Why is this hose askew?


Did it finally give up?

The last holdout, and it doesn’t want to hold out any more?

Calling it quits?

Bongo standing over an old fire hose

Look at this poor thing. All squiggly shaped now.

There used to be bunches of these hoses. They all hung out in straight lines and there was no question about it.

The cars knew where to park.

But one by one they slithered away and left this poor last hose to try to control the cars by itself.

And it couldn’t do it.

The cars park every which way now and this hose can’t do a thing about it.

But if this last hose leaves those cars will be parking out in the street.

There won’t be anything left to keep them in the parking lot.

That could be chaos. People coming back after a nice, long hike – and where’s their car?

Panicked people will be running down my street wondering where their cars wandered off to.

I think I’d better do some investigating.

Bongo looking away from the bent up fire hose

Maybe I can find where those missing hoses went off to – what hole they crawled into.

I’ll bring them back to help this last hose out, so it will stay.

Somehow I’ve got to convince this hose to stay because if I don’t, and those cars start wandering off, I don’t want any of them parking at my front door.


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