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Party Time

Can found on the trailLast night there was a party. Actually, I think there were two parties. And I wasn’t invited to either one.

One of the parties was right on my street. They even went past my house. I don’t know why they didn’t think to stop and invite me. It was totally rude of them.

The party on my street was a javelina party. And this morning it looked like they had a really fun time.

Last night my person and a bunch of the neighbors put their garbage cans out on the street. They do this about once a week and I still haven’t figured out why. I think they’re just asking for trouble.

Well, they got trouble and this morning they were all out picking up their garbage cans and filling them up again. Except they didn’t get filled up quite as much this time. The javelina probably picked through the garbage to find party hats and favors. I don’t think they have a javelina party supply store.

But there was a second party. My person and I found evidence of it on my trails. My person picked up that party can and brought it home with her. I guess she thinks the javelina need more party supplies.

I don’t think my person gets it. Javelina aren’t going to want any people party supplies. She might as well put that can right in the garbage.

Bongo with a can in the recycle bin


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