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Bongo and prints in the mucWhen the ground gets wet and squishy they show up.


Pawprints, footprints, and hoofprints.







Javelina prints

I’ve been trying to figure out what those hoof looking prints are.

I’ve never seen anyone on my trails that matches up to those.

My person says that’s because they usually come out at night.

She says she’s seen them during the day, but never on my trails.

I guess those trail creatures are night creatures for sure.

My person says they’re usually up to no good.

They eat the prickly pear cactus.

Prickly Pear Bitten by Javelina

And they dig up people’s gardens.

Sometimes on trash day they knock over all the garbage cans and go through the garbage looking for goodies.

I don’t know why they go through my garbage.

I already ate all the good stuff.

But today I was heading out on my trails – and there it was.

Standing right next to my trail looking at us.

I tried to give it what for, but my person wouldn’t let go of my leash.

I guess she was scared of it.

I did manage one thing though.

You know how my person is always taking pictures of everything she sees?

I chased that creature right back into the bushes before she could get her camera out and aim it.

Because I didn’t want that creature taking over my blog.


What, person?

You have a picture?

An old one from before I was around?

Okay, since it’s old.

Javelina web

This is a javelina that visited my yard once, a long time ago.


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