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Hanging with Sheep

David anointed by Samuel

My person said she wanted to tell me about a person in the Bible named David and she thought I’d probably like him. When I asked her why she said that he started out as a shepherd and he probably had shepherd dogs to help him with the sheep. I like this guy already.

My person told me that David grew up in the town of Bethlehem and that even though he lived about a thousand years before, he had a lot to do with another person who started out in Bethlehem around a lot of animals. I asked my person who and she said that’s another story and we’ll get to it soon.

That’s okay, I want to hear about David and his shepherd dogs.

Well, my person said one day when David was out with his sheep a prophet named Samuel came to his father’s house. Samuel had been told by God to go to David’s father Jesse’s house and anoint one of Jesse’s sons as king. David had seven older brothers and Samuel thought that some of them looked like likely candidates to be king, but God told Samuel it didn’t matter what people looked like. He was more interested in their heart.

I’m sure David had a good heart because he was good to animals. Anyway, my person said that Samuel must have been perplexed (what kind of a word is that?) because God told him that He had not chosen any of the sons that were there. Samuel asked Jesse if he had any more sons and Jesse told him his youngest was out tending the sheep.

They called for David and when he came God told Samuel he was the one. David not only had a good heart, he was handsome too.

My person said when Samuel anointed David king there was already another king named Saul, so David didn’t get to be king right away. She said David had lots of adventures because of Saul but for now he got to go back and be with the sheep. How cool is that? A king that likes hanging out with his sheep.


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