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Sand Pile

Bongo near a sand pileCheck this out. Someone made me a sand pile.

I really don’t know what to do with it though.

Cats like sand piles. Maybe I should take it home to Scratchy.

Maybe he’d bury his claws in this sand and I’d never see them again.

Come on, person. Help me pick up this sand pile. We’ve got to take it home for Scratchy.


What do you mean, you won’t help me with it?

Well in that case…

Bongo's shadow over the sand pile

Maybe I can cover up this sand pile with my shadow.

I wouldn’t want any other cats finding it and stealing it.

But maybe I should figure out who made this sand pile in the first place.

Bongo sniffing near the sand pile

Hmm. Not much here.

There’s nothing that’s even worth smelling.

Bongo sniffing sand not near the sand pile

Yup, this smells better over here.

I think I’ll just check stuff out over here for awhile. Maybe a cat will show up and make that sand pile smell better.

Hey person, do you think we could go get Scratchy and bring him out to the sand pile?


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