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No Smoking

Bongo near a No Smoking signIt’s about time they got serious about this.

People hardly ever leave their litter on my trails, but they do leave cigarette butts.

And those butts stick around until they get covered up with dirt.

And they aren’t even the kind of butts that are good for sniffing.

But my person says the people who put up those signs weren’t even looking at the butts on my trails.





Because they don’t want this kind of smoking on my trails again.

Thunder Mountain behind smoke

A long time ago they posted fire restrictions because the fire hazard is so high right now.

And those restrictions include no smoking outside.

But for some reason wildfires don’t pay attention to signs.

And neither do some cigarette smokers.

So they had to put up great big signs.

Bongo sniffing near No Smoking sign

Hey person, I’ll be along in a minute.

I’m checking to see if there are any messages about people not seeing this sign.


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