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Trivia Day

Bongo in the yardToday is Trivia Day. You can check out the link for trivia on Trivia Day.

I thought I’d celebrate by giving you a trivia quiz about me.

So here goes:

  1. What’s the name of the cat I live with?

2.  Where do I like to hang out the most?

3.  Who is my neighbor dog friend?

4.  How many girlfriends do I have?

5.  Who do I become when I have a mystery to solve?

6.  What do I have trouble doing when my person tells me Bible stories?

7.  What are some of my favorite things?

8.  What does my person seem to always be doing – that drives me nuts?

9.  What keeps disappearing on my trails for no reason and then comes back when I least expect it?

10. What are some of my secret talents? You know, the ones I don’t want my person to find out about.


Person, what do you mean, I have to give them the answers? I thought they already knew. Or they could scroll through my blog and find out.

Oh, alright. I’ll give them the answers if you insist.

But you’re making this too easy.

1.  The cat I live with is named Scratchy. Does anybody want him? He stole my bed.

Scratchy sleeping on Bongo's bed





2.  Mostly I like to hang out on my trails – or the kitchen if there’s food – or anywhere I can take a good                  nap.

Bongo taking a nap

Bongo on his Trail


Bongo looking at cookies on the counter

3.  There are lots of dogs in my neighborhood, but my best neighbor dog friend is Toby.







4.  I have lots of girlfriends.

Bongo and Lucy

Bongo getting loves from LaylaJulie and Bongo sniffing noses


5.  When I come upon something I need to investigate I become Detective Dog.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on





6.  I do too listen.

7.  I like treats, naps, walks on my trails, loves, cute girls… (Oh yeah, I already showed you all those          pictures.)

8.  My person is always slowing us down so she can take pictures.

Bongo looking at the view

Close up of lit up red rocksCentury plant with red rocks behind

9.  My puddle!

Bongo in the puddle looking at the drainage





10. If I tell you this you have to promise not to tell my person. I think I’ll just show you the pictures.

Maybe she'll get out of bed for my snake

Maybe she’ll get out of bed for my snake.

Bongo on the Couch

Bongo eating all the cat food


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