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Trucks and Cones

Trucks parked behind conesToday when we went to my trails there were two trucks parked at the trailhead. It’s normal to see trucks there, but these trucks had orange cones around them and signs on the cones. I’m thinking they didn’t want dogs to use their trucks as if they were fire hydrants or trees, and if they put the cones out they figured we’d use them instead.

My person read the signs on the cones and said that wasn’t it at all. She said the people in the trucks had gone out to trim trees that had grown up around the power lines a ways out on my trails.

That means they might knock down some branches that no dog has ever been able to reach before. This is my chance to be the first to put my mark on those branches. Let’s go, person. Let’s go find where they’re cutting those trees.

Well, we found the tree cutters but they weren’t cutting anything down. My person said they were probably taking a break.

Give me a break! I was planning to do those guys a favor. When the word gets out that there are unmarked branches, every dog in the neighborhood will be there. If they’d been doing their job so I could do mine, I would have saved them from having to deal with all those crowds.

Bongo Looking

Workers on Break


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