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They’re Everywhere!

Flower on VineThis time of year vines start growing around here. I think they like all the rain we’ve had, because we seem to have more vines than usual.






They’re growing all over the cactus.

Vine growing over cactus

They climbed up my neighbor’s mailbox.

Vine growing up mailbox

They’ve even been covering the rocks.

Vine over Rocks

Hey person, let’s get moving. If you keep slowing down to take pictures of those vines they’re going to be crawling all over you.

It’s a good thing I’m an active dog. No vine would ever think of getting on me.

Vine on Bongo


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Evil Vines

Flowers hanging on juniper treeMy younger person made some 3D vines and posted them online, but those vines are evil. As evil as Babylon since they were made for the hanging gardens there.

Those vines have more hits than I do. No matter what I do I can’t catch up. I get more hits on my blog and those vines get even more. My younger person is way ahead of me. And he says he didn’t spend much time on those vines. They’re not like those other 3D models he made that he spent hours and hours on.

So what is it about vines that people like better than me? Maybe if I hung vines all over myself I would get more hits. They would even be 3D if they were on me.

Or maybe I could stomp those vines flat so they wouldn’t be 3D anymore. Do you think anybody would want flat vines?

No, person. If I put the link to the vines on my blog my younger person will get even more hits and he’ll be way ahead of me. He hasn’t put the link to my blog anywhere.

What, you won’t let me use your computer to post this unless I put up the link?


Everybody listen to me. Don’t click on that link. Don’t you dare.

How can I stop them from clicking on it? I know. If you click on this link you’ll be taken back to the hanging gardens of Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar will throw you into a fiery furnace.

Whew! I think I’ve convinced them now.

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