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Tumbleweed Seeds

Bongo Sniffing a TumbleweedThey came here all the way from Russia? Isn’t that a long ways away?

What? You mean they came over here before they even had airplanes? So they had ships full of tumbleweeds coming all the way over here? They must have known that without them the Wild West wouldn’t be the same. But it must have taken a lot of ships to bring all those tumbleweeds over. Those things are big.

Oh. They have little bitty seeds, huh? And it only took a few mixed in with the flaxseed? How come we don’t have flax rolling all over the place?

Oh. Flax doesn’t roll, huh?

Last spring we had baby tumbleweeds growing in my wash, but the rain came and water flowed through my wash, and those tumbleweeds disappeared before they were big enough to tumble.

But this one must have grown somewhere else, because it sure was big enough to tumble into my wash.

But since these tumbleweeds are so much a part of the Wild West, does that mean the Wild West is a part of the tumbleweeds?

There’s probably going to be a couple men on horses galloping down my wash any minute. And then a few minutes later the Sheriff’s Posse will be coming after them.

Bongo near a tumbleweed

I think I’d better move away from this tumbleweed before I get run over.


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Tumbleweed Wash

Bongo and TumbleweedsWhat are these things in the wash on my trails? We haven’t had any rain in weeks. Nothing much is growing. Even the cacti aren’t very happy. Where did these green things come from?

They’re what, person? Tumbleweeds? What did they do, just tumble in here?

We must really be living in the Wild West if we’ve got tumbleweeds. These don’t look like tumbleweeds though.

You mean they’re gonna get way bigger than this? And when they’re big enough they’ll go tumbling off when the wind blows?

Sometimes they what? They blow across the highway on windy days? You’ve even driven into big tumbleweeds that were blowing across the highway?

Stupid tumbleweeds. Why would they cross the road when a car’s coming? Shouldn’t they wait for the light to change.

I think I’d better train these tumbleweeds right while they’re still little.

Now little tumbleweeds, remember to look both ways before you cross the wash.

Mini Tumbleweeds


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