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Training Session

Bongo looking for the stashMy person has been making a lot of mistakes lately and I think she’s due for some retraining, so this is a training session for my person. All of you people out there who walk your dogs might want to listen up too. And if you don’t walk your dog, or you don’t have a dog to walk you need to start with a different training session. I’ll get to that one in awhile.

Hey person, I’ve got to lay down some rules here. I know you have to hang on to the end of my leash so you don’t get lost or run off, but there are a few times you need to let go.

For instance, today when that bunny came running across the trail. If you had let go of my leash your arm wouldn’t have been yanked so hard. You know it’s going to be sore tomorrow.

And if you had let go of my leash I would have been able to chase that bunny. You know it’s getting close to Easter. That bunny is probably gathering up a stash of brightly colored eggs somewhere. I might have been able to follow that bunny to the stash.

You know that would have helped you out, person. You’ve got an Easter egg hunt coming up. Where do you think you’re going to get the eggs for it?

I hope you’re thinking about what I’ve just told you. Next time we see a bunny, let go of my leash.

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