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Not Time for Flowers

Bongo sniffing a bush with yellow flowersI just can’t win sometimes.

In the spring we get lots of flowers here and I’m constantly having to hang around while my person gets her camera out and takes pictures of them. And it seems like she takes forever.

Then in the fall when the weather cools down we get a few more flowers.

But in the middle of the summer I’m usually pretty safe. Not many flowers grow when it’s so hot.

But I just found flowers on this little bush here.

Maybe if I water it or something my person will want to leave.

yellow flower

Oops. Too late.

I’ve got to move faster next time.

Bongo sniffing a white morning glory

Oh no!

There were a bunch of these white things in this spot a couple years ago, but I thought I’d gotten rid of them because I didn’t see any last year.

Come on, person. Move along! There’s nothing of interest here.


Whew! She went for it.

catclaw blossoms

Hey! What are these doing here? I thought the catclaw were done blooming. What is it with this late bloomer?


Finally, we made it back home. I don’t have to wait any longer while my person takes pictures.

What!? Wait a minute! What are you doing, person?

You don’t need to do that.

orange trumpet vine

I’m not even safe in my own backyard.


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