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Walking with Bunnies

Two Bunnies on leashesWait a minute! Wait just a minute! This is a dog blog. What are those bunnies doing on my blog?


My person left me for a long time today. And when she got home I smelled something on her.

It smelled kinda, sorta, a little bit familiar. Then I realized why.

It smelled like those wild bunnies that I chase sometimes on my trails. Or at least I try to chase. It’s kind of hard when you’ve got a person attached to your leash.

But even though the smell was like my trail bunnies, it wasn’t quite the same.

So my person had to admit it. She’d been petting bunnies. Bunnies on leashes!

She even had pictures to prove it.

Two bunnies on leashes

This got me really worried. What if my person decided she’d rather take one of those bunnies on a walk instead of me? What if she left me home and took a bunny?

My person said those bunnies were softer than me. And she said they had a job working as therapy bunnies in a nursing home.

And my person said those bunnies didn’t get into mischief like me.

That settles it! Who would want a pet that didn’t get into mischief? How boring would that be?

I was still a bit worried though that I might be ousted; until my person said she got me something to make up for petting those bunnies.

Different shaped dog cookies


And they look like cars, and bones, and cats, and pesky squirrels.

I already ate the pesky squirrel.

Hey Scratchy, I’m going to eat the cat next.

Do they have any cookies that look like bunnies?

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Working Hard

Bongo Cleaning the FloorMy person is messy in the kitchen and this time of year she really makes a mess. Little bits of things sprinkling down to the floor. She’s making cookies. She always does that this time of year, but it means I have to work extra hard to keep the kitchen clean.

You see, my job is to clean up the floor. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been assigned to that job ever since I’ve lived here. Lots of times there’s not much to clean up, but lately it’s been almost every night.

You’d think my person would give me a cookie or two for doing such a good job of cleaning. But no. Not only does she not give me a cookie, she threatens to brush my teeth after I’ve been working hard for her. I mean, I’m so good that I’m right in there while she’s still working – cleaning up around her feet.

I’ve got to go now. There’s some more cleaning to do. Oh yeah, don’t tell my person that I really like this floor cleaning job. I’m afraid if she knew that she’d take the job away from me and give it to Scratchy.

Christmas Cookies


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