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What’s an Eclipse?

Bongo looking toward the sunThere was a partial solar eclipse around here.

My person says that eclipse showed up at other places too, but I only know what happens around my house.

Actually, I don’t always know what happens around my house.

Like, what is an eclipse anyway?

My person says it’s when the moon goes in front of the sun and it looks like somebody took a bite out of the sun.

I wonder if it tasted good.




My people put on special glasses so they could look at the eclipse.

But they didn’t give any of those glasses to me.

I don’t know why they wanted to look at a silly old eclipse anyway.

If somebody’s eating the sun and they’re not sharing any with me then they can have their eclipse and eat it too.

Bongo yawning

This is what I think of that eclipse.

I’ll find somebody else to give me treats.


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One Little Escape

Bongo in dog jail looking sadA few nights ago I was hanging out in the backyard and I didn’t want to come back inside.

I’ve never escaped at night before, so I convinced my person to let me stay in the yard.

What I didn’t tell her was that the meter person hadn’t latched one of the gates – the one you can’t see unless you walk over to it because it’s hiding behind the shed.

So I was hanging out in the yard and I decided to expand my boundaries, and I left.

It wasn’t really escaping – the gate was open.

And I didn’t go very far. My person got in her car and found me a little ways down the street.

She could have walked to where I was.

But then my person did something really bad.

A couple nights ago she locked me in dog jail and escaped from the house without me.

I could hear her out there.

And here’s what’s really bad.

She was hanging out with my neighbor dog Toby and another neighbor dog that I haven’t met yet.

And a whole bunch of my neighbors.

I don’t know why she didn’t take me.

Do I have to pay forever for one little jaunt down the street?

She could have at least brought some treats back for me.

But all she brought were a bunch of pictures of the moon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t get it.

What’s such a big deal about the moon?


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Strange Behavior

Partial EclipseMy person behaved very strangely today. She got up while it was still dark. Sometimes she does that, but this time she put on her hiking boots and started heading out the door. Well of course I wasn’t about to let her go without me so I got up too.

We headed for the trails and it was still so dark my person needed a flashlight. And she was stopping and taking pictures. What the heck? I think there’s something wrong with my person. I’ve never seen her act this way.

We started heading toward the trail that goes up Sugarloaf. Then my person changed her mind. She said something about the moon hiding behind Thunder Mountain when we walked that direction. Since when has she ever cared where the moon was before?

I don’t know what had gotten into my person because then she took me up toward a ridge but we weren’t even on a real trail. Come on person – there is a trail up here where you don’t have to walk right next to cactus and jump over rocks. You just have to go back down to the road first.

We hung out on that ridge for awhile and my person took more pictures, but she said she needed to get a better camera – and a telephoto lense (whatever that is). It started getting light and my person said we could go back home now – that the moon had sunk behind Thunder Mountain right before it went into total eclipse.

I’m not sure what she was talking about, but by then it didn’t matter. All I cared about was getting back to my warm bed – and the rabbit that ran across the street in front of us.

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