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On the Trail Again

Bongo with his nose deep in bushesFinally! Today I was able to get my leash and put it into my person’s hand and take her for a walk. It’s been a week – well, except for one day that I took my younger person. I guess my person is getting better at chasing that bug away now so she can go with me.

I had so much to catch up with out on my trails. I had to find out which of my buddies had been by and which of them had left me messages. I bet some of them were worried when I didn’t answer for so long. Well, I sent them all messages so they know I’m back.

I was so busy sniffing that I almost didn’t notice when my person got her camera out. It’s that flower season time of year.

Wait a minute. What are these doing blooming? I thought I’d managed to get away with no Manzanita blossoms this year.

Manzanita bush in bloom

Last year the Manzanita blossomed in January. What gives?

I guess there’s only a few bushes with blossoms. My person can’t take too many pictures of them, can she?


We were almost back home and we’d even gone past all the Manzanita bushes – there are a lot of them on my trails – when I saw it.

I saw the strangest forest creature I’ve ever seen on my trails. I don’t know where it came from or what it was doing there.

I’m not sure what it is, but I think it’s some kind of forest fairy.

Seed pod letting out fairy seeds

seed pod letting out fairy seeds


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Purple Flowers and a Flower FairieI keep waiting for the flowers to go away so I don’t have to stop every time my person wants to take a picture of them. When they’re gone we’ll be able go twice as far in the same amount of time.

But at least now I’m getting some hope. Did you notice what’s hanging out with these flowers? There are big ones.




Purple Flower with tiny Flower Fairies

And little tiny ones. Fairies are everywhere on these flowers.

And you know what fairies do? They go flying off with the flowers. I’ve seen them floating around in the air – and soon there won’t be any flowers left.

I’m not sure how those fairies do it. Maybe they take those flowers and drop them into a giant hole in the ground. Or maybe they pull the flowers apart petal by petal and leave them to shrivel up and die.

Whatever they do, it’s alright with me. Anything to keep my person from stopping all the time to take pictures.

But there’s one thing I hope those fairies don’t do.

Fairies, please don’t take away my weeds.

Bongo Eating Weeds


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