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Missing the Photo Ops

Bongo profile on the trailWe heard a really bad flute player on my trails today.

She was hanging out with the rock piles.

But my person wouldn’t take a picture.

Something about embarrassing the flute player.

I don’t know why she would have been embarrassed by having her picture taken.

Now if my person had recorded her playing the flute she probably would have hid under all those rock piles.

It would have been really embarrassing.

So we walked on and we saw a snake.

And my person still wouldn’t take a picture.

Something about the snake hiding before she could get her camera out.

She could have just yanked it by the tail before it got away.

It didn’t have one of those rattler things on it that I’m not supposed to play with.

But that didn’t happen.

So what does my person take a picture of?



Do you believe it?

All those good photo opportunities and she takes pictures of flowers.

So I decided I was going to do something about those flowers so my person couldn’t take any more pictures of them.

Bongo with penstemon around him


Those flowers must be powered by aliens.


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Tiny Flute Player

Tiny person on top of Sugarloaf

Tiny Person on Top of Sugarloaf

When my person took me for my walk on the trails tonight I could hear music. My person said the music came from a flute and it sounded like Native American flute music. She said that around here it could be a real Native American playing the flute or it could be a Native American wanna be.

We saw a tiny person standing on the top of Sugarloaf, the big rock my person and I climbed up a few days ago. I think that tiny person might have been the one playing the flute. My person wouldn’t let me go up there. She said it would be dark before we could get back down and besides, my younger person was waiting for his dinner. Me too.

When we got to the side of Sugarloaf we could see more tiny people up there and a person wearing a skirt passed us on the trail. People hardly ever wear skirts on a hiking trail, but they wear them to flute concerts.

Maybe they were having a full moon ceremony. The coyotes around here have full moon ceremonies, so I guess the people could have them too.

Full Moon

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