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Missing the Photo Ops

Bongo profile on the trailWe heard a really bad flute player on my trails today.

She was hanging out with the rock piles.

But my person wouldn’t take a picture.

Something about embarrassing the flute player.

I don’t know why she would have been embarrassed by having her picture taken.

Now if my person had recorded her playing the flute she probably would have hid under all those rock piles.

It would have been really embarrassing.

So we walked on and we saw a snake.

And my person still wouldn’t take a picture.

Something about the snake hiding before she could get her camera out.

She could have just yanked it by the tail before it got away.

It didn’t have one of those rattler things on it that I’m not supposed to play with.

But that didn’t happen.

So what does my person take a picture of?



Do you believe it?

All those good photo opportunities and she takes pictures of flowers.

So I decided I was going to do something about those flowers so my person couldn’t take any more pictures of them.

Bongo with penstemon around him


Those flowers must be powered by aliens.


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What’s the Real Story?

Bees and PenstemonMy person tried to tell me yesterday that we couldn’t go in my wash because of some invisible things. I didn’t believe her. I think she was just making excuses for not going in my wash.

But I just remembered something. The day before when we were in the wash, we walked past my red flowers like we usually do. These flowers like to hang out in my wash. I’ve never seen them leave it. There are a few that creep up to the edge of the wash, but they don’t get out.

Normally these flowers are very quiet. They don’t even move much, unless there’s a breeze. But this last time we walked by they were very noisy. They were making a buzzing sound.

And there was movement all through those flowers. It almost looked like the flowers were jumping off their stems so they could visit each other, but none of the visitor flowers were red like the others.

When I looked closer I realized that all of those visitors were bees. The flowers were full of bees. Where did they all come from? They’d never been around before.

But before Detective Dog shows his hat on the question of bees, I’m still working on those invisible things my person told me about yesterday.

Now I think she made up that “no see ‘em” story because she didn’t want to bother the bees. I’m not buying it. She’s going to have to come up with a better story.


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