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Home Alone

Bongo Checking Out the Litter BoxMy people left the house this morning and said they would be gone all day.

This is not good. I’d better not drink my water or I’ll be squeezing my legs together before they get home.

At least I can get Scratchy’s food off the counter. Oh, no! They remembered to put it on top of the fridge where I can’t reach it.

Hey Scratchy, can you jump up on top of the fridge and knock your food down?

What? I ate it the last time you did that? I won’t eat it. I promise.

Well, I’ll leave a little bit for you.

Are you done in the litter box Scratchy?

My turn to check it out now.

Now I’m really thirsty. Just a little bit of water. Nope, I’d better not. I’m squeezing my legs together already. I hope my people come home soon.

Oh, thank goodness. Here comes my friend to let me out. I can’t figure how she knows just the right time to come over. She must be psychic or something. She picks up my thoughts that I really need to go out and comes over when I need it the most. I bet she could make a fortune telling dog’s fortunes, the way she reads my mind like that.

What, you’re leaving already!?

I take that back about my friend. If she was so good at reading my mind she would have fed me too – and put Scratchy’s food back on the counter where I can reach it.

Come on back friend. I’ve got to give you some more lessons in reading my mind.


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It’s in the Bag

It’s a good thing my person can’t see me right now. I’d really get in trouble.

Sometimes when my person goes into the garage I push my way past the screen door before it closes all the way. That’s where my food is kept and there are always little nuggets on the floor that were spilled. I figure I’m doing my people a favor by keeping the area clean.

If it hasn’t been very long since the last time I made my way out into the garage there usually aren’t many nuggets lying around. And I don’t feel I’ve gotten enough payment for all of my hard efforts. So I check to see what’s in the bag. After all, it is my bag of food. There shouldn’t be any problem if I just help myself.

Usually my person sees me doing it, grabs me by the collar, and makes me go back in the house.

Today I got lucky though. My food bag is almost empty so I was able to get my head all the way inside it. My person’s never going to see me now. I can have a feast. I’ll go back in the house when my bag’s empty.

What!? Wait a minute! Person, how did you know I was in here? No fair. I’m not ready to go back in the house. I’m not finished yet.

By the way person, you need to go get me another bag of food really soon.


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Wait for Dinner

Scratchy has foodI think there’s some kind of double standard around here. At dinner time it’s my person’s job to feed Scratchy and my younger person’s job to feed me. Well, my person is usually somewhere near the kitchen so as soon as Scratchy says something she’s right there with the food. Then you know what she tells me? She tells me to go ask my younger person to feed me.

She’s right there in the kitchen – right near my food – and I have to go ask someone else for my dinner. My younger person is usually in his room on his computer or something and he won’t get up to feed me until he’s good and ready. I’m starving here. What makes it even worse is that Scratchy is sitting there savoring every bite and making sure I know about it.

At least my person could make Scratchy wait too, but she says she never used to feed him dinner. She says she used to feed Scratchy only once a day, but when I started stealing his food she had to feed him little bits more often.

Scratchy, I was trying to do you a favor here. You could stand to lose a little weight and I was trying to help you out. Instead you get fed twice a day now and I have to wait for my dinner. Don’t blame me, but I have to say I told you so. You’re going to be one fat cat.


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Will Work for Food

Reaching for foodThe younger person that I live with is supposed to feed me my dinner and sometimes he’s not very accurate when it comes to aiming the food into my dish. Sometimes a few pieces of food spill out of the cup when he’s getting it out of the dog food bag. The bag is kept in the garage and I don’t go in there very often, but when I do it’s a real treat. I find little morsels on the floor. My person has trouble getting me to leave the garage until I’ve found every last one.

Sometimes the younger person must have extra energy in his arm when he puts the food in my dish because some of it bounces into the dish and then bounces right back out again. This can be a problem for me because my dish sits next to a little table with a couple chairs. It’s really hard to get behind them to get those extra pieces of food. There’s no stopping me though. I’ve got to do it. It’s food, after all.

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