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Smoke Screen

Bongo and a Smoky SkyA few days ago I told you about the smoky skies we had because of a fire burning a few miles away. Well, the smoke finally went away, the dogs and people got to go back to their houses, and even though the fire is not out completely they have it pretty much in control.

But today our sky was really smoky. It wasn’t just coming from one direction, it was everywhere. I don’t get it. If that fire is almost out, where is the smoke coming from?

My person got online and found out where that smoke originated (is that a word?). And do you believe it? New Mexico doesn’t want their smoke so they’re sending it to us. Talk about throwing your garbage into your neighbor’s yard.

If New Mexico wants to break records and have the biggest fire they’ve ever had in their history, then they need to take everything that goes with it. After all, we didn’t want to break any records. We’re putting our fires out, and we kept our smoke here.

I think I may have to get a new hat for my collection. I’m going to have to become Inventor Dog. I want to invent a giant net that will gather up all that smoke, or maybe a big screen will do it. I could call it a smoke screen.

And once I have all that smoke gathered up I’m going to put it on a big truck and haul it back to New Mexico.

Sedona in Smoke

Bongo Looking at the Smoke

Bongo Looking at the Smoke

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Gray Skies – No Clouds

Smoky SkyThe sky is gray today, but there’s not a cloud in it. I don’t get it. I thought clouds were what made the sky gray. How can it be gray without clouds? Did somebody wash out the blue?

The mountains are kind of faded out and the red rocks aren’t as red. What’s going on?

I’ve never been to any of those places, but I heard that in Los Angeles, or Tokyo, or Mexico City sometimes the sky does the same thing. Maybe all those tourists we get here turned the sky gray with all their vehicle exhaust.

What? There’s what causing that gray sky?

Smoke? Where would smoke come from?

Fire? What fire? Is it coming here? It’s not going to burn up my trails, is it?

Whew! My person says the fires are a long way from here.

What about the people where the fires are? Do they have any dogs that need help? I wouldn’t want any dogs to get in the way of those fires.

Oh, that’s good. All the dogs have been taken to a safe place. But the dogs and the people had to leave their homes? I wouldn’t like it if somebody made us leave our home. Maybe we should let all the dogs stay with us. That would be awesome. All those dogs here at my house. We could have a dog party. Wouldn’t that be fun, person?

I think I’ll go out right now and leave a message for all those dogs, letting them know that this is where they’re supposed to be.

Hey person, can you get my leash?

Hey person, where did you go?

Smoky Red Rocks

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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