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Julie and Bongo sniffing nosesWoo woo! I’ve got a new girlfriend. Her name is Julie and she loves to play with me.

Julie makes me feel like a puppy again.

Oh. Oops. Just a minute.

Collies, if you’re reading this can you distract Ginger so she doesn’t see this?

Maybe you can get a new hammock for Ginger your dad or something.

Whew! That’s taken care of. I wouldn’t want to upset Ginger.

Now where was I?

Oh yeah.

Julie has come up to me two different times on my trails and wants me to chase her.

I’m still trying to convince my person that she’ll be fine if she lets go of my leash for awhile, but I guess she still needs to hold on. Some kind of insecurity or something.

But Julie is cool. She didn’t go farther than my leash could reach.

And then – this is so romantic.

Julie and Bongo sniffing spots near each other

We stood near each other sniffing little patches of ground.

And before I knew it…

Julie and Bongo sniffing the same spot

we were sniffing the same piece of ground.

I can’t wait to go out on my trails again tomorrow.

But this time I need to come up with a plan to ditch my person.

Maybe I’ll give her two leashes – so when I take off after Julie she still has one to hold on to.

Bongo and Julie playing


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Houses Under Construction

Bongo, red rocks and a house being added on toThis is so cool! My friends the Collies, including my girlfriend Ginger, congratulated me on their blog for celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary. I love having such great blogging friends. And Ginger is my bestest girlfriend.

Note to all my other girlfriends: Ginger is headed toward World Domination so I have to make sure I stay on her good side.

Note to Collies: Please don’t let Ginger read my last comment.

Note to girlfriends: I meant girlfriend. It’s you, and you alone that I love.

Now that I’m finished with all my notes I’ve got to tell you about someone else that loves me.

The other day I explored a new part of my trails and discovered a stone house that someone had been building for me.

I got really excited when I found that house, but there is one problem. I haven’t been able to find the builder and the house isn’t finished.

There’s no roof on it.

But today I discovered another house that someone is building for me.

Bongo looking toward house under construction

I wasn’t even exploring this time. I was taking my person for a walk on our usual trails and there it was.

Where it hadn’t been before.

I told my person we had to get closer. I needed a better look.

When I finally got a better look I was so disappointed.

What is wrong with the builders around here?

I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Two houses are being built for me…

House addition under construction

and this one doesn’t have a roof on it either.

Click here for more great pet blogs.

Click here for more great pet blogs.


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She’s Crying Because…

Cup on the floorScratchy, you knocked my food cup down. What do you think you’re doing?

You’re getting even? For what? I didn’t do anything.

What do you mean, our my person looks like she’s crying and I made her do it? She’s probably crying because she has to go pick up my food cup. And if that’s the case, you made her cry.






And she’s crying because I messed up the bed while she was gone?

Messed up bed

Scratchy, you know you were on that bed too.

And she’s crying for what?

She’s not supposed to know about that. Did you tell?

Besides, Ginger from Collies of the Meadow and I were just joking about throwing those burning cats over the wall of Jericho. And you were on our person’s Facebook account too.

And what else is she crying about?

Because I kept jumping up and down next to her when she was on the computer after I’d already been out twice?

It’s really cold out there. I couldn’t do all my business in one trip.

Frisbee by Door

Hey person, you didn’t cry because I had to go out extra, did you?

You what? You went to a really sad movie and it made you cry?

See Scratchy, it wasn’t me after all.

Person, the next time you go to a movie you’d better let me pick it out.


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