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Too Dark

Bongo's FaceA few days ago I figured out the master plan.

And it worked – sort of.

You see, I decided to wait to take my person for walks until the sun is almost down and everything is in shadow.

That way there’s nothing for my person to take pictures of.

It’s too dark.

My person has been going along with the late walks because it’s not so hot outside.

But she still tries to take pictures.

Usually she gives up pretty quickly because it’s too dark for anything to turn out.

So today I did my best to stall my person until it got dark enough.

Notice, you don’t see a picture of me balking.

It was too dark.

And you don’t see any pictures of those late blooming prickly pear blossoms we saw.

It was too dark.

But something went wrong.


My person found something to take pictures of anyway.

Sunset over Chimney Rock

Sunset and Chimney Rock

Sunset behind Chimney Rock

And it wasn’t too dark.

Guess I’ve got to come up with another plan.


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Houses Under Construction

Bongo, red rocks and a house being added on toThis is so cool! My friends the Collies, including my girlfriend Ginger, congratulated me on their blog for celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary. I love having such great blogging friends. And Ginger is my bestest girlfriend.

Note to all my other girlfriends: Ginger is headed toward World Domination so I have to make sure I stay on her good side.

Note to Collies: Please don’t let Ginger read my last comment.

Note to girlfriends: I meant girlfriend. It’s you, and you alone that I love.

Now that I’m finished with all my notes I’ve got to tell you about someone else that loves me.

The other day I explored a new part of my trails and discovered a stone house that someone had been building for me.

I got really excited when I found that house, but there is one problem. I haven’t been able to find the builder and the house isn’t finished.

There’s no roof on it.

But today I discovered another house that someone is building for me.

Bongo looking toward house under construction

I wasn’t even exploring this time. I was taking my person for a walk on our usual trails and there it was.

Where it hadn’t been before.

I told my person we had to get closer. I needed a better look.

When I finally got a better look I was so disappointed.

What is wrong with the builders around here?

I can’t believe this is happening to me.

Two houses are being built for me…

House addition under construction

and this one doesn’t have a roof on it either.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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Almost Up the Chimney

My person totally confused me today. Normally when we go for a walk we make a big loop – going out on one trail and back home on another. Today we got to the place where we usually turn around and go back – but we didn’t go back. My person took me on a trail I’ve never been on before and we kept walking further away from our house. I wasn’t sure what to think, but it was fun finding new smells. My person likes to drag me along when I’ve stopped for a good smell, but this time I kept trying to drag her more than she was dragging me. She kept stopping and getting her camera out. I’d be walking along and suddenly come to the end of my leash.

My person took me to a rock called Chimney Rock. You can probably figure out why it’s called that.

Chimney Rock

To get there we had to walk through some dry washes. They only have water in them when it rains.

Bongo in a Dry Wash

When we got around the side of Chimney Rock it looked different. Instead of one big rock it looked like three.

Chimney Rock from the Side

We got to the top of the trail and it went back down the other side, so we stopped and rested before coming back the way we’d gone up. Someone was nice enough to leave a stick up there for me. I tried to get my person to throw it so I could go after it, but she said I might fall down the steep hill. I couldn’t convince her otherwise.

Bongo and the stick he found

View from the Top

My person kept stalling on the way home – getting her camera out for more pictures.

Chimney Rock from the top of the trail

Coming back down

Sugarloaf in the sun

Thunder Mountain

Coffee Pot Rock in light

Thunder Mountain

Bongo and Coffee Pot Rock

Mogollon Rim and Airport Mesa

It’s a good thing they had the trail marked. I could find it by the smell, but I think my person might have gotten lost.

Trail Cairn and Bongo

I guess It was good my person took her time, or we wouldn’t have seen this.

Sunset over Chimney Rock

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