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The Hole

Bongo inspecting a holeWhat’s this?

It’s a hole.

A hole in the parking lot of my trails.

And I bet I know who did it.

Those pesky gophers.



They’re always digging holes on my trails.


Bongo checking out a gopher hole

And piling up mounds too.

Bongo sniffing a gopher mound

Normally they stay off my trails and don’t cause any hazards for anybody.

But look at this!

They’re traveling right out into the parking lot.

Building a whole network of underground tunnels.

And if they’re not careful this whole parking lot’s going to collapse.

It’s already started.

Gopher hole

What if somebody falls into this hole and disappears into a deep, dark gopher kingdom.

Or what if those gophers don’t stop at the parking lot.

What if they tunnel all the way to my house and my house falls in.

This has got to stop.

This has got to stop now!

I’m getting me some gopher traps.

Now I’ve just got to figure out how to fit into those tunnels so I can lay those traps where the gophers will find them.


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