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Living with Bongo

Scratchy on the cabinetsThis is Scratchy here. It’s been a long time since I’ve stolen Bongo’s blog written a post. Bongo’s sleeping in the other room right now so I’m taking advantage of it.

Bongo says I’m not adventurous enough to write anything on his blog – well, let me tell you – living with Bongo is adventure enough some days.

The other day Bongo brought that little dog Houdini over here to play. Those two were so energetic they almost ran me right into the trash can. I beat feet out of there as quick as I could and jumped on top of the kitchen cabinets where I was safe.

I used to hang out on top of those cabinets a lot, but lately I hadn’t been up there much. I’d forgotten how nice it is, and I’ve been hanging out on them more often lately. I can see all over and nobody can touch me.

The best part is being able to keep an eye on Bongo. I can see everything he does when our people leave, and when they come back home I make sure they know about it.

And Bongo can’t do anything about it.


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HoudiniWe had an uneventful walk on my trails today and I was really worried. I didn’t know what I was going to write about for my blog. No lost people on the trails, no strange objects, no nothing.

We were back at the trailhead, almost to the parking lot when we found him. He came running over to greet me and we had a great time playing. There was a family starting out on the trail and we thought he belonged to them, but they went on – and he didn’t.

Two more people headed to their car so he must belong to them. They got in their car – and he didn’t.

Oh, no. Does he belong to us? We’re the only ones left here.

My person and I went home and he followed us – right into the house. We had a great time playing. The only other dog friend I have that likes to play with me is my girlfriend Lucy.

I got so excited I dumped all the water out of my dish and turned the kitchen into a slip-n-slide, but when I wasn’t looking my person found out who my new friend is. His name is Houdini.

I’ve been called Houdini before – right after I jumped over the fence. I guess now I’ve finally met the real Houdini.

Bongo and Houdini

Houdini and Bongo

Scratchy on top of the cabinet

"Don't ever let Bongo have a friend over again."


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