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What’s for Dinner?

The Gathering of the Manna

The Gathering of the Manna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You mean Moses has more to do? I thought he was done with his job once he got the Israelites out of Egypt?

Moses had to lead them now? I thought God was doing that.

Where is Moses leading them?

The Promised Land? A land flowing with milk and honey? Milk and honey. I want to go there.

Okay, I’ll listen to the story.

After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea they traveled for three days in the desert without finding any water.

I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it.

Yes, I’m listening.

They finally came to a place with water called Marah, but they couldn’t drink the water because it was bitter. So they grumbled against Moses.

Moses cried out to the Lord and the Lord showed him a piece of wood to throw into the water, and when Moses did the water became sweet. Then they went to a place called Elim with twelve springs and seventy palm trees, and camped there.

The people left Elim and then they started grumbling against Moses again. This time they complained because in Egypt they had meat and all the food they wanted, and they said Moses had brought them out to the desert to starve to death.

Why didn’t Moses just send them back to Egypt? They sound like a bunch of whiners to me.

I wouldn’t whine.

Oh. I guess I would complain if I didn’t get my dog treats.

The Lord told Moses that He was going to rain down bread from heaven. But something else happened first. That evening quail covered the camp.

Woo woo! Dinner.

I am too listening. I just had to stop for a snack break.

The next morning there was a layer of dew around the camp and when the dew was gone thin flakes like frost appeared on the desert floor. The Israelites looked at each other and said, “What is it?” so they called it manna, which in Hebrew means what is it.

So what was it, person?

I know they called it manna, but what is it?

What? If I listen I’ll find out? Okay.

The manna tasted like wafers made with honey and the Lord told each person to gather what they needed and not keep any until morning.

Some people did keep some overnight and in the morning it was smelly and full of maggots.

I bet they didn’t do that again.

I’m listening.

On the sixth day the Lord told the people to gather twice as much because the following day would be the Sabbath, a day of rest. They didn’t find any manna on the ground on the Sabbath, but the manna they saved for that day was still good and didn’t have any maggots in it.

I think I would be in trouble on the Sabbath. I eat everything as soon as I get it.

Hey person, it looks like you have some extra. Can you please pass me the manna?


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Save the Donkey

The Prophet Balaam and the Ass, by Rembrandt v...

A donkey did what? No way!

Okay person, I’ll tell this story without skipping over parts. I just can’t get over that donkey. I want to talk about the donkey.

Okay, I’ll wait. My person says when the Israelites were following Moses, the King of Moab became afraid of them. He thought they were going to wipe out his country. So he sent messengers to a diviner named Balaam to come and put a curse on them. But God told Balaam not to put a curse on the Israelites because they were blessed. Am I blessed person? I think I should be blessed too.

Okay, I’ll go back to the story. So Balaam said he couldn’t go with those messengers.

Those messengers went back to the king and told him Balaam wouldn’t come, so what did that king do? He sent even more messengers and told Balaam he would reward him handsomely. This time God told him to go, but to only do what He told him to do.

Hey person. Do you think Balaam wanted the money more than he wanted to do what God said? Because I think God knew Balaam was up to something. Was he up to no good?

Because God sent an angel to block his way. And the angel had his sword drawn.

Well, Balaam couldn’t see the angel but his donkey could. His donkey turned off the road and Balaam beat her. That poor donkey. All she was trying to do was save Balaam.

After that the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path. The donkey pressed close to a wall and crushed Balaam’s foot. So he beat her again. I think I’m going to give Balaam what for.

Then that angel moved to a place where there was no way around so that donkey laid down under Balaam. And Balaam beat her with his staff.

Then God made the donkey so she could talk. This is so cool! That donkey asked Balaam why he was beating her.

Balaam actually answered his donkey and said if he’d had a sword he would kill her for making a fool of him.

The donkey asked the mean old Balaam if she hadn’t been a good donkey that didn’t normally act this way.

Balaam agreed this was not the way the donkey normally acted, and then the Lord let him see the angel. That angel gave Balaam what for and told him if his donkey hadn’t saved him he would have killed Balaam, but not the donkey.

I think Balaam got off lucky. That donkey and angel should have given him a really good talking to and then given him what for some more.

Hey person, if I let you ride on me do you think an angel would show up and teach me to talk?


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